Congratulations to my amazing ladypreneurs who have worked with me and the team here at AMS!

Hi Ann M Strout, I wanted to share an exciting ‪#‎win‬ . After our coaching call last week I was so inspired, I sent out a solo mailer to my email list and made $1000 income in 48 hours and also had 2 people sign up for my platinum business coaching program!! I am excited to create more. Thank you for inspiring me! Pratima Nagaraj, Pratima Nagaraj Consultancy

“What’s amazing about Ann is that she knows what works AND how to make it happen. My income has tripled since I started working with Ann, and that’s in large part due to her! I have learned so much from her, but I’ve also been able to hand off what I don’t want to do to her team and they do it in half the time! I get to focus on what I do best and I’m getting better at it everyday, thanks to Ann!” Katherine Copeland, The Best Damn Copywriter

“I TOTALLY would recommend Ann’s strategy planning to any entrepreneur looking for support. It was comprehensive. I got clarity on how to launch my new brand and book! Ann’s honesty, care and love come through big time. I feel a lot of hope for my business where I felt I was drowning in overwhelm”…. Be prepared for the call. You can ask Ann questions too…this is not a one way street and Ann lets you know that as well. And even though it feels like I have been in business forever, and not real profitable yet, it does feel like I am building on something big now. Thank you for that. Ann goes into deeper issues beyond the practical part of business. She is curious about why things are not working emotionally, etc. and that spoke right to me. Thank you! thank you! thank you! Grateful I found you and your business!!!! Laura Fenamore,

“It was a pleasure working with you and your team! I would definitely recommend your services! I love how you meet to talk about goals in the beginning of a project, the business advise you give is great to have when looking for a VA, most of the time VA’s do not know much about business, so it makes it hard when questions bounce ideas around. Your team is quick, organized and know what they are doing! My website is up along with great social media support and I just I loved how responsive and organized the team was. Elena Forbes,

“Since we started working together, I have launched my website and become clear on my ideal client! I have enjoyed working with Ann and her team. It has allowed me to stay on track and it is nice to have a full service team instead of trying to piecemeal everything all together all the time”. I enjoy having the support of a team to keep me accountable and encourage me to forge ahead as well as to help me. I have learned a lot more about systems and processes and how important it is to keep on tweaking. The most essential piece of working with Ann is that she and her team work together to support any and all of your needs. I would recommend Ann and her team to anyone starting or in an online business. Jessica Ehrenworth,

“I was in the middle of a launch and was overwhelmed with the many tasks still to be done. I contacted Ann on a Monday and before the end of the week the launch sequence e-mails, some tweets, Facebook Ad and affiliate messages were carried well throughout the copy and done.” AMS has many skills throughout the team and this allows projects to easily through completion. As I needed something urgent and one of the copy editors was not available the new task was quickly assigned to someone else. I loved reading Ann’s notes from our initial call. They were thorough and they helped me see my thoughts organized. I appreciated to be featured in her newsletter with a link to my website! I would recommend AMS because I was impressed with the quality of the work and the speed with which was executed. I would recommend it to 6 figure businesses. AMS does quality work, fast and there is a positive energy that flows through the communication. Irina Benedict, Strategic Achievement Coach.

“Ann cares so deeply for her clients, demands excellence from her team and has given me total peace of mind in knowing that her and the team have my back and that 80% of the things that were on that list are done or almost done, woo hoo!” Working with Ann and her team, you get immediate peace of mind knowing that your project manager and team are getting things done, quickly and effectively and you know that expectations and needs are clear from the get go. Ann has provided great support and checks in with me every week, month and sends me detailed reports that have been extremely helpful in allowing me to keep track of what has been done on my projects. This all has been very helpful in keeping things on track and moving forward. Since working with Ann and her team, I know that pieces of my marketing plan are being set up properly and will go out as planned, not when I can get around to it. This has allowed me to stay in touch with my list, and I have received awesome feedback from them so far! I highly recommend Ann and her team, and have already given her information to colleagues of mine. I am looking forward to consistently working with Ann and her team on my future projects! Denyne Sanville, Denyne Designs.

“A.M.S provides a very customer focused experience. The attention to details to keep me on track was outstanding! I would not be as far along in my business launch had I not had the support and expertise of Ann and her team.” In working with Ann and her talented team at A.M.S, I was able to bring a vision of the social media face I wanted to create for my business. We collaboratively designed and developed a custom website which portrays the energy and passion behind me and the work I do. As a result of building and launching my company’s website, blog and social media sites, I can now reach out and connect with those I am eager to serve. Ann was my “go to” person on all aspects of this project. Ann kept us moving, accountable and kept my needs and focus in line. Ann took the time I needed to feel comfortable with how to maintain and leverage my website and social media links. I am thrilled with my engagement and experience in working with you Ann and A.M.S! If you are seeking a very personal experience where you are guided and supported, Ann is your go to resource. Ann will provide a “hand held” experience to ensure her customers are supported and achieve their desired goals to grow and build their business. Paula Jean Burns, Be-Spoke Your Life.

“Ann and her team helped me update my website, header, optin, one time offer, program sales page, increase my Facebook likes and have fixed tons of corrections from previous sources of work.” Ann and her team provided me with quick responses with accurate and timely delivery of work and have done everything they said they would do. Since working with Ann and her team, I have been creating Facebook Ad’s to drive traffic to my website!” “I recommend Ann and her team to any business that has an online presence because of her great service. I have really enjoyed working with Ann and her team! Betty Russell, CC, BCC –

“I love working with Ann. She is professional, patient and she gets the job done.” I am looking forward to working with her long term. She’s reliable and she is/was there for me during crunch time. I truly appreciate her and count her as a part of my team! She continues to be there for my company again and again! It is a joy to work with her. She is dependable and her team is great. We will be working with her moving forward! Kristie Teer, Kg Administrative Solution

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